Proof #45 - Consider Noah's Ark

Have you ever taken the time to read the Bible's story of Noah's flood? And have you ever pondered what this story's position in the Bible might actually mean? While there are many people who consider the Bible, and therefore Noah's story, to be literally true, most educated and intelligent people understand that the story of Noah's flood is a myth. They understand that Mt. Everest was never covered in flood water, they understand that the ark could not hold the millions of species that are now found on earth, and they understand that there is no DNA evidence to show that all animals on earth came from single breeding pairs just a few thousand years ago.

But there is one part of the story of Noah's Ark that deserves special recognition. It shows us something about God that is quite unsettling to any intelligent person who takes the time to consider his actions. That special section is this:

How do we know it was senseless? Because "God" is supposed to be "all-knowing" and "all-powerful." If God were to exist, God would know what was coming when he created Adam and Eve. Therefore, God knew he would be murdering millions of people.

This realization leads to an obvious question: Why didn't God simply speed up Jesus' arrival to avoid the atrocity that is the flood? Or why didn't God program Adam and Eve when he created them to completely circumvent the need for such a horrendous atrocity?

You may have never considered this question, but it is exquisitely important. Because the flood is an atrocity of the highest order. It is mass murder on a global scale.

The idea that Christians would accept a mass-murderer as their object of worship shows us something about Christians, does it not? Think about it - By (supposedly) murdering nearly every human on the planet, the Christian God is far more heinous than Hitler. No "loving" and "perfect" being can also be a mass-murderer bent of global genocide. Yet Christians willfully worship him. Why?

If you are a Christian, I would ask you to simply look inside yourself today. Why would you accept a mass murderer into your life?

And Noah's flood is not the only place where God displays these horrific tendencies toward mindless slaughter. Here are several other examples.

In the book of Exodus chapter 12 verse 28, God writes about one of his early massacres:

Here the death of the children is directly at the hand of God.

In Isaiah chapter 13, God paints this word picture:

Is this the imprint of a "loving" God?

In Jeremiah chapter 49, verse 20, God paints a similar picture:

In Hosea chapter 13, God paints a similar picture: In Numbers chapter 31, God paints a similar picture: Here Moses, acting as an agent of God, specifies that thousands of male babies and children be killed, as well as thousands of women. The Bible states in verse 35 that the captured women numbered "thirty-two thousand persons in all, women who had not known man by lying with him." This was not a small attack. Tens of thousands men, women and children were massacred.

In Deuteronomy Chapter 3 we find this:

They massacred all the men, women and children in 60 cities at God's request.

Even in the "New Testament" we find the same sort of thing. In the book of Matthew, chapter 2, mixed into the Christmas story, the Bible describes an amazing massacre of thousands of babies:

Think about the thousands of families who were affected by this massacre. The Bible describes their suffering: they wept and could not be comforted. Of course they could not be comforted. If you are a parent, you know exactly how distraught you would feel if an agent of the government came to your door one morning and slaughtered your children.

Why would God do this? Why would you want anything to do with such a muderous, horrific being? What can we say about people who would want to believe in such a being? Why would any normal, intelligent, ethical human being "worship" such a heinous, demented and despicable "god" as this?

It is impossible for a "perfect" and "loving" being to also be heinous, demented and despicable. As an intelligent person, you should be able to see that.

This impossibility tells us that God is imaginary.

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