Proof #42 - Listen when "God talks"

If you know a group of devout Christians, you will frequently hear them say to each other (and even to people outside the group) things like this:

According to televangelists and ministers, God also frequently talks to them as well.

In other words, Christians believe that God transmits divine messages to his followers in response to prayer. Christians actually believe that the almighty, all-knowing creator of the universe is talking to them personally and guiding their decisions.

Now think about this. Let's say that the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe was going to transmit personal messages to Christians. Wouldn't you expect the people receiving these messages to blow the rest of us away in every intellectual endeavor? Wouldn't you expect someone who is directed by God to be a genius? Wouldn't every Christian student get a perfect score on every test simply by praying to God for the answers?

Imagine, for example, that a Christian is having trouble deciding what color couch to buy. So she prays to God for guidance. Wouldn't you expect the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe to come back with a message that just completely blows all of us away? For example, wouldn't you expect a Christian to say:

Yes, that is what you expect from the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe, if God were real. You would expect the messages that God sends to blow us out of the water with their brilliance.

The fact that God's messages to Christians are completely mundane tells us that God is imaginary. What the Christian typically gets is this message: "Buy the red couch." That message, of course, is the Christian's own brain making a decision, because God is completely imaginary.

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