Proof #33 - Contemplate the crucifixion

Have you ever thought about how bizarre the crucifixion story is? Imagine the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe sitting on his magnificent throne in heaven. He looks down onto earth and says to himself:

It makes no sense, does it? Why would an all-knowing being need to have humans kill himself (Jesus is God, after all) to make himself happy? Especially since it is a perfect God who set the whole thing in motion exactly the way he wanted it? The whole story of the crucifixion is absurd from top to bottom if you actually stop to think about it.

If you believe the story of Jesus, Jesus clearly knew that he is God. In John chapter 14, verse 8 we find this:

So it makes you wonder about Jesus' famous lamenation in Matthew 27:46: Since Jesus is God, what he really must have meant is: "Myself, myself, why have I forsaken me?" Which of course makes absolutely no sense.

The reason why the crucifixion makes no sense is because God is imaginary.

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