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by Marshall Brain

Billions of people attend millions of churches around the world to worship God.

Yet the God they worship is completely imaginary. Their belief represents a delusion.

It is easy to prove that God is imaginary. Start at the beginning with Proof #1, or try these five all-time favorites:


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It is easy to prove to yourself that God is imaginary. The evidence is all around you. Here are 50 simple proofs:

  1. Try praying

  2. Statistically analyze prayer

  3. Look at all historical gods

  4. Think about science

  5. Read the Bible

  6. Ponder God's plan

  7. Understand religious delusion

  8. Think about Near Death Experiences

  9. Understand ambiguity

  10. Watch the offering plate

  11. Notice that there is no scientific evidence

  12. See the magic

  13. Take a look at slavery

  14. Examine Jesus' miracles

  15. Examine Jesus' resurrection

  16. Contemplate the contradictions

  17. Think about Leprechauns

  18. Imagine heaven

  19. Notice that you ignore Jesus

  20. Notice your church

  21. Understand Jesus' core message

  22. Count all the people God wants to murder

  23. Listen to the Doxology

  24. Ask why religion causes so many problems

  25. Understand evolution and abiogenesis

  26. Notice that the Bible's author is not "all-knowing"

  27. Think about life after death

  28. Notice how many gods you reject

  29. Think about communion

  30. Examine God's sexism

  31. Understand that religion is superstition

  32. Talk to a theologian

  33. Contemplate the crucifixion

  34. Examine your health insurance policy

  35. Notice Jesus' myopia

  36. Realize that God is impossible

  37. Think about DNA

  38. Contemplate the divorce rate among Christians

  39. Realize that Jesus was a jerk

  40. Understand Christian motivations

  41. Flip a coin

  42. Listen when "God talks"

  43. Realize that a "hidden God" is impossible

  44. Think about a Christian housewife

  45. Consider Noah's Ark

  46. Ponder Pascal's Wager

  47. Contemplate Creation

  48. Compare prayer to a lucky horseshoe

  49. Look at who speaks for God

  50. Ask Jesus to appear


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